Fitz is from Long Island, but spent his younger days growing up in the heat and twisted lifestyle of South Florida. Stopping just shy of wrestling alligators, he found his soul mate in a NY girl and moved up. Three kids and a bunch of diapers and debts later, Fitz enjoys working in radio – recording voice overs and making movies. HIs favorite quote is in Japanese so he doesn’t know what it means but he won’t stop believing it is his favorite. He wishes he could live on a huge farm but have enough money to hire others to do the work so he could watch Netflix and play video games with his kids – but he’s not lazy! He also enjoys long walks in the dark and is not afraid to cry during insurance seminars.
Zack grew up as country-folk in the bustling metropolis of York, NY. After high school, he moved to West Palm Beach, FL where he spent the entirety of his twenties. It was there he started performing stand-up comedy to quench his thirst for performing that he has had since the 4th grade…turns out he was pretty good too, performing with the likes of such comedians as Dave Attell and Ralphie May.
He finally went back to school and entered the industry of Radio Broadcasting. A friend of his-who was already an established on-air personality-always bragged to him how he had made it on the air in 4 years, and that Zack would never make it on the air in that “short” amount of time. His friend was right-it only took Zack 2 and a half years to get on the air, due to his love for the industry and entertaining the masses!
Zack still dabbles in stand-up occasionally; however, these days it seems he is all about radio. The experiences he has with famous rock stars like Gavin Rossdale, Dave Mustaine, and other artists of the like, mixed in with meeting listeners and members of the community makes radio his one true love!

2302 Saranac Ave
Lake Placid, NY 12946

(518) 523-4900